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In Nigeria, the agricultural sector is poised for market-driven expansion, encompassing processing, transportation, and trade. With a burgeoning population and rising demand, the sector holds tremendous potential and currently serves as a vital contributor to food security in both West and Central Africa. The Farmer's Databank offers a platform to access comprehensive information and data on farmers from all regions across the country.

The fragmented farm holding systems, the diversified production base of different farmers, lack of organization and group dynamics among farmers equally worsen data driven investment and interventions in smallholder farmers and results to poor productivity, failed projects, bad investments and poor follow up interventions.

Farmers Databank directory currently includes 784 LGAs in Nigeria, spanning 36 states & FCT.

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Detailed profiles and essential data for every farmer across all regions of the country


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Despite high agricultural potential, lack of verifiable and reliable Farmers data has been a top-notch challenge for investors, financial institutions, development partners, service providers and Government in carrying out intervention/investment in smallholder farmers. Traceability, project monitoring and measurement of impacts has not been very effective due to lack of data.

Farmers Databank, Nigeria is an initiative of Farmers Bridge Hubs Limited, a Nigerian tech driven Agricultural company providing innovative digital services in Farmers Profiling and Clustering, Farm Inputs Ecosystem, Market Linkages and Investment in Rice and Maize Cluster Farmers in Nigeria.


At Farmers Bridge Hubs, we are deploying digital innovations and technology in creating and maintaining digitalized Farmers data Bank of Nigerian Farmers using a Land Consolidation and Crop Intensification (LUCCI) model that enhances farmers performance, promote digital and financial inclusion for smallholder, increasing productivity while enabling data-driven investors and development partners, Government and clients to make informed investments and interventions in the Agriculture space of Nigeria.

Our farmers are open to all Data-driven investors and intervention/development organizations, farmers group and we create and visualize your data using your profiled variables and make it secured and accessible on all digital platforms.

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